ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Research Highlights

Congratulations to the ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation 2017 Grant Recipients

Hanna PiperHannah Piper, MD
ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Grant
Project Title: Targeted Probiotic Therapy to Improve the Gut Microbiota and Growth in Children with Short Bowel Syndrome
GavinNicole Gavin, BSc, MS, PhD candidate
ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Grant
Project Title: Improving Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Diagnosis in Allogeneic Haemotopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients with Parenteral Nutrition (The Improving CLABSI Trial)
Jayshil PatelJayshil Patel, MD
Abbott Nutrition Research Grant
Project Title: Early Enteral Nutrition in Septic Shock
Gregory GuthrieGregory Guthrie, PhD
Baxter Grant for Parenteral Nutrition Research
Project Title: Synergy Between Phytosterols and Inflammation to Antagonize Nuclear Hormone Receptor Function in PNALD 
Chelsia GillisChelsia Gillis, RD, MSc
B. Braun and the Aseculap Academy Norman Yoshimura Grant
Project Title: Prehabilitation Intervention to Improve Patient-Centered Outcomes Post-Colorectal Surgery for Cancer: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
Peter AbdelmalikPeter Abdelmalik, MD, PhD
Nestle Nutrition Institute Maurice Shils Grant
Project Title: The Safety and Efficacy of Volume Based Feeding in Critically Ill Patients with Intracranial Hemorrhage
Martin LisaLisa Martin, MSc, RD
C. Richard Fleming Grant
Project Title: Diagnostic Criteria for Malnutrition in Overweight and Obese Cancer Patients
William McKeeverLiam McKeever, BA, MS, PhD Student, RDN
Daniel H. Teitelbaum Grant
Project Title: Feeding the Critically Ill During Phases of Altered Redox Status (FEDOX): A Prospective Randomized Trial
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