ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Research Highlights

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Research Highlights
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ASPEN is proud and honored to contribute to the careers of researchers studying nutrition therapy, metabolic support, and related clinical nutrition topics. View all Foundation grant recipients and accomplishments stemming from their Foundation-funded research.

Congratulations to the ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation 2019 Grant Recipients

  Jayshil Patel_Border

Jayshil Patel, MD

$50,000 Baxter Grant for Parenteral Nutrition Research 
Title: A Phase II Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of High Dose Vitamin B12 in Septic Shock

Enid Martinez, MD

$25,000 Abbott Nutrition Research Grant
Title: The role of gastrointestinal proteases and the protease-activated receptor-2 in gastric dysmotility in pediatric critical illness

Lori Bechard, PhD, MEd, RD

$25,000 Norman Yoshimura Grant-B.Braun and the Aesculap Academy
Title: The consequences of malnutrition in mechanically ventilated critically ill children- a multicenter prospective cohort study of nutritional practices and clinical outcomes in pediatric intensive care units around the world

Hassan Dashti, PhD, RD

$10,000 C. Richard Fleming Grant
Title: Assessing circadian misalignment from overnight parenteral nurition
  Han_Minsuk Headshot_Informz

Minsuk (Sam) Han, MD

$10,000 Daniel H. Teitelbaum Grant
Title: Serial L[1-13C] Methionine Breath Testing to Assess Longitudinal Changes in Liver Function in Patients with Intestinal Failure