ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Research Highlights

ASPEN is proud and honored to contribute to the careers of researchers studying nutrition therapy, metabolic support, and related clinical nutrition topics. View all Foundation grant recipients and accomplishments stemming from their Foundation-funded research.

Congratulations to the ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation 2018 Grant Recipients

 Zudin Puthucheary 2017

Zudin Amilka Puthucheary, PhD, MBBS, BMedSci., MRCP, EDICM, D. UHM, PGCME, FHEA, FFICM

Nestle Health Science Enteral Nutrition Research Grant
Title: Assessment of differential amino acid uptake and metabolomics profiles between intermittent and continuous feeding protocols in the critically ill: an IVC trial (NCT02358512) sub-study
 Lee-anne Chapple 2017

Lee-anne Chapple, PhD, MNutriDiet, BMedSci

Abbott Nutrition Research Grant
Title: The effect of standard versus energy dense feeds on gastric emptying and glucose metabolism in critically ill patients
 James Davison 2017

James Davison, PhD

Baxter Healthcare Grant for Parenteral Nutrition Research
Title: Modulation of organ injury by Faecalibacterium prausnitzii in critical illness
 Lori Bechard 2017

Lori Bechard, PhD, MEd, RD

Norman Yoshimura Grant-B. Braun and the Aesculap Academy
Title: The consequences of malnutrition in mechanically ventilated critically ill children- a multicenter prospective cohort study of nutritional practices and clinical outcomes in pediatric intensive care units around the world
 Hannah Piper 2017

Hannah Piper, MD

Nestle Nutrition Institute Maurice Shils Enteral Nutrition Grant
Title: Targeted Probiotic Therapy to Improve the Gut Microbiota and Growth in Children with Short Bowel Syndrome
 Charles Hong 2017

Charles Hong, MD

C. Richard Fleming Grant
Title: Plasma amino acid profiles in neonates on extracorporeal life support
 Courtney Rowan 2017

Courtney Rowan, MD

Daniel H. Teitelbaum Grant
Title: Prospective Evaluation of Persistent Inflammatory, Immunosuppressed, Catabolic Syndrome in the Critically Ill Pediatric Population