ASPEN Sections

ASPEN Sections (sometimes referred to as special interest groups) provide a forum for members to increase their professional knowledge and interact with others in their fields of interest or those who share the same challenges. Once you join a Section, you can take full advantage of practice and specialty news emails, online communities and programming at the ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Conference.

Benefits of Section Membership

  • Strengthen and promote excellence in practice
  • Share and enhance communication among colleagues
  • Support professional issues and members needs
  • Network with leaders in specific areas of interest

Members are eligible to join one or all of the sections at no additional charge! Watch this short video to see how to take advantage of this member benefit. 

How to Participate in a Section

Join the conversation in Member Connect! Additionally, please remember to add the Section(s) to your membership when it is up for renewal, whether you renew online or through the mail. All Sections are offered free to ASPEN members – you are welcome to join as many as you’d like!

Practice Sections Specialty Sections

Dietetics Practice

Medical Practice (Physicians and Physician Assistants)

Nutrition Support Nurses Practice

Pharmacy Practice

Critical Care

Drug-Nutrient Interaction

Home and Alternate Site Care  

International Clinical Ethics (I.C. Ethics)

International Clinical Nutrition (ICNS)

Ibero-Latin American (ILAS)




Pediatric Intestinal Failure 


Student & Trainee