ASPEN Chapters

ASPEN’s chapters facilitate interdisciplinary efforts among members within the same geographical area. Chapters provide a vehicle for members to exchange information, network with local nutrition support practitioners, and discuss the impact of issues that affect their communities and areas of practice. ASPEN’s 31 chapters are coast to coast in the U.S. and represent more than 40 percent of the national membership. ASPEN’s chapters are multi-faceted grass-roots organizations that carry out the mission and strategic goals of the national organization at the community level.

Benefits of Chapter Membership Include: 

  • Interdisciplinary Networking: Meet nutrition support professionals who live and practice in your area. Chapters provide an excellent forum to the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information. Interdisciplinary networking puts you in touch with all members of the nutrition support community and facilities involvement at the local level.
  • Chapter Activities: Chapters create multiple opportunities for members to give back to their local and professional communities, become known by their peers, and interact with leaders on local and national levels. This involvement helps to enhance career opportunities in academic and clinical practice, and is a starting point for national involvement and recognition ASPEN.
  • Chapter Meetings: Chapter meetings give you the opportunity to meet your continuing education needs and provides a forum for presenting the latest research findings or clinical practices locally. Chapters often invite recognized experts and leaders in nutrition support to speak on a variety of topics and provide opportunities for members with special expertise to share knowledge at the local level. 
  • Leadership Roles: As a chapter member, you can develop and build on you leadership skills. These skills will serve you well, should you choose to become involved at the national level within ASPEN.
Chapter Dues Chapter Dues Chapter Dues
Arkansas  $10 Michigan $15 Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Arizona $15 Minnesota $15 Mid-Atlantic (South & North Carolina) $10
California (Northern) $15 Mississippi $10 Tennessee (Memphis Area) $10
California (Southern) $10 Missouri (Kansas City) $5 Tennessee (Middle)  $10
Colorado      $15 Missouri (SW/IL) $5 Texas (Alamo)  $20
Florida      $15 New England  $15 Texas (Gulf Coast)  $10
Georgia $10 New Jersey $20 Texas (North)
Illinois (Chicago) $20 New York (Long Island) $20 Virginia 
Indiana $10 North Carolina (Mid-Atlantic) $10 Washington (Northwest)   $10
Kentucky $15 Ohio $15 Wisconsin
Maryland $20 Oklahoma $10  

Special student rates available for some Chapters. Please email us for more information.