Research Toolkit

One of the most important goals of the health care profession is to improve patient care by changing practice through research. The ASPEN Research Toolkit, developed by the Research Committee, aims to provide you with a starting point for developing your own projects and the confidence to move forward with your research.

Click the links below to navigate the toolkit modules. The first two modules in Section 1, “Research vs. Evidence-Based Practice vs. Quality Improvement” and “Asking Practice Questions” are available for public viewing, but the remaining modules are for ASPEN members only.

Section 1: The Basics
Section 2: Quality Assessment
Section 3: Data Management
Section 4: Project Related Resources
Section 5: IRB and Ethics  
Section 6: Scientific Publications and Presentations
Section 7: Career Development

Section 1: The Basics

Research vs. Evidence-Based Practice vs. QualityImprovement
Learn how to categorize your own proposed projects and follow the appropriate methodology with a discussion of the difference between research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement.
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Asking Practice Questions
Learn the critical elements to asking a clinical question and practice writing a question in your area of interest.
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Performing a Literature Review
Simplify the process to conducting a literature review and gain an understanding of current evidence around your clinical question.
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Research Design
Review research methodologies to help you best answer your research question.
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Identifying and Measuring Outcomes
Gain an understanding of the various types of research outcomes and effective collection methods.
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Section 2: Quality Assessment

Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses
Review the processes and utilization of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
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Levels of Evidence
Learn how to compare different levels of evidence to determine the quality of a study, and understand the importance of study design, reproducibility, internal validity, and external validity in determining the quality of evidence.
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Section 3: Data Management Coming Soon!

Section 4: Project Related Resources Coming Soon!

Section 5: IRB and Ethics Coming Soon!

Section 6: Scientific Publications and Presentations Coming Soon!

Section 7: Career Development Coming Soon!