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ASPEN Membership Dues

Physician Members

Professional Members 

(Dietitians, Nurses, Pharmacists, PhDs, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistant)
Trainee/New Practitioner

*Individuals must be within 2 years of receiving licensure to practice in their field to be considered a new practitioner. Trainees are those individuals in a residency, internship, or training program. View eligibility information here.
**Documentation of your Trainee/New Practitioner status is required when submitting your membership application.  
**Trainee/New Practitioners receive JPEN and NCP journals online only.

*Individuals must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students, as defined by their institution.
**Documentation of your student status, such as a transcript, is required when submitting your membership application.  
**Students receive JPEN and NCP journals online only.

Discounted membership is available to retired professionals (no longer practicing) who have been an ASPEN member for at least 5 years.
 ASPEN membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

ASPEN Chapters

Take advantage of even more benefits like local networking by adding membership to a chapter. To learn more about the benefits of chapter membership, click here. Dues vary by chapter. Your chapter membership term will align to your national membership. Chapter dues are not prorated.

Chapter Dues Chapter Dues Chapter Dues
Arkansas $10 Michigan $15 Pennsylvania (Greater Pittsburgh) $15
Arizona $15 Minnesota $15 Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) $20
California (Northern) $15 Mississippi $10 Mid-Atlantic (South & North Carolina) $10
California (Southern) $10 Missouri (Kansas City) $5 Tennessee (Memphis Area) $10
Colorado $15 Missouri (SW/IL) $5 Tennessee (Middle) $10
Florida $15 New England $15 Texas (Alamo) $20
Georgia $10 New Jersey $10 Texas (Gulf Coast)
Illinois (Chicago) $20 New York (Long Island) $20 Texas (North)
Indiana $10 North Carolina (Mid-Atlantic) $10 Virginia $15
Kentucky $15 Ohio $15 Washington (Northwest) $10
Maryland $20 Oklahoma $10 Wisconsin $15

Global Nutrition Partnership Program Information

The Global Nutrition Partnership Program (GNP) allows international sister societies from countries classified by the World Bank as low or middle income economies to have a group of their members join ASPEN for a reduced membership fee. 

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