Professional Development

In the interdisciplinary field of clinical nutrition and metabolism, professionals need to keep abreast of the ever-growing changes in nutrition in order to understand emerging standards, current research and regulations, foster skill development, and maintain the highest level of competence so that every patient receives optimal nutrition support.

Commitment to the highest quality in professional development is what ASPEN is all about. ASPEN's anthology of resources is available to professionals on all levels. From the basic foundation of nutrition support knowledge for the newcomer, to state-of-the-art tools to diagnose areas for improvement and study resources to prepare for certification, to cutting-edge information and controversial research topics for seasoned professionals, ASPEN provides one-stop shopping for your professional development needs. 

Live Education Programs

ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference: The ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Conference brings together clinical nutrition leaders from all over the world. Its mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the latest in clinical nutrition research, education, and products. Each year, the conference attracts more than 2,000 nutrition professionals from around the world, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, researchers, and students.

Clinical Nutrition Webinar Series: Webinars feature timely topics in clinical nutrition. These 90-minute interactive programs deliver critical education and valuable CE credits right to your computer!

Malnutrition Awareness Week™: An important step toward effectively treating malnutrition is raising awareness about it. ASPEN has named “Malnutrition Awareness Week™,” to help bring awareness through educational programming and resource dissemination to help clinicians understand this often poorly diagnosed condition

Nutrition Support Fundamentals Course: A multi-part live and interactive online program that will gear you up for exam time or bring you out of the lull of routine and remind you of all there is to know when it comes to clinical nutrition. This course is also offered as a pre-conference course prior to the ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Conference

On Demand Education Programs

Annual Conference Recordings: Missed our conference? You can still watch the recordings that contain cutting-edge research, evidence-based clinical updates, and so much more. Dietitian CE credit is available for many of the 2018 conference recordings. 

ASHP/ASPEN Nutrition Support Certificate: The 2022 Nutrition Support Certificate program from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and ASPEN is open for registration. This self-guided program consists of 12 modules on concepts related to nutrition support practice for adult patients and meets accreditation requirements for continuing education for pharmacists and physicians. 

Journal CE Program: Earn valuable CE credits for reading pre-selected articles in the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN) and Nutrition in Clinical Practice(NCP) and then successfully passing a knowledge assessment test. The Journal CE program is free to ASPEN members.

Lecture of the Month: Each month ASPEN offers new education opportunities featuring the most popular education from live events presented by leading experts in the field. All of these lectures provide an opportunity to earn 1.5 free CE credits. The lecture of the month program is free to ASPEN members. 

Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam - A Companion Video (V): This is a great supplemental resource to the Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam: An Illustrated Handbook as well as the Nutrition Assessment: Nutrition Focused Physical Exam webinar recording. With this 12 minutes long video, learn the essentials for conducting this exam on every level. 

Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam for Adults, Second Edition: Once you’re done reading the Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam for Adults you can earn 2.5 continuing education credits by successfully passing an assessment and completing an evaluation. The opportunity to earn CE credit is included with the purchase of the book. 

Nutrition Science and Practice Bundles: These bundles were created from sessions from ASPEN's 2017 and 2018 annual conferences. Each bundle contains several session recordings to give you an in-depth learning experience. Topics include short bowel syndrome, nutrition support in home care, neonates and pediatrics, microbiome, nutrition support in specific diseases, critical care, and nutrition in GI diseases and conditions. 

Self-Assessment Program: As a healthcare professional, you need to stay current in your field. New information and new research bring changes to the way you provide nutrition care. Regardless of your learning need, you’ll find ASPEN's Self-Assessment Program a valuable resource — and you can earn CE credits!