Resources for Clinicians Caring for Patients with Coronavirus

Nutrition care is vital, particularly in patients with infections. Below are COVID-19 nutrition support resources from ASPEN and our clinical and industry partners. We are providing these important resources to everyone for free. To support and join ASPEN in our mission to improve patient care by advancing the science and practice of clinical nutrition, please consider becoming a member

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Recommendations from ASPEN and Other Professional Organizations

Enteral Nutrition (EN)

Parenteral Nutrition (PN)

Managing PN Supply During Increased Demand: Some clinicians have reported an increased use of multi-chamber bag parenteral nutrition (MCB-PN) products as they require fewer pharmacy resources to prepare and those resources are being used elsewhere for other pharmacy acute care services. Here is information on MCB-PN:  

*This is for information only. ASPEN does not endorse these products.

FDA Provides Compounding Flexibility
According to ASHP, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced clarifications for compounding of drugs in shortage and compounding in hospitals. Specifically, FDA announced that it will not enforce the one-mile radius requirement from the agency's 2016 Hospital and Health System Compounding Draft Guidance. This clarification was not time-limited and it is anticipated to remain in effect after the national emergency ends. FDA also clarified which drugs it designates as not "commercially available," meaning that these drugs can be compounded by 503A and 503B pharmacies. FDA further noted that it would not be enforcing the 5% limit on interstate distribution of compounded drugs until after the draft Memorandum of Understanding takes effect.

ISMP Newsletter: Anticipated Shortage of Smart Infusion Pumps 

PPE Practices for Sterile Compounding During COVID-19: FDA Guidance 

Supply News from PN Industry: These updates from our industry partners are for information only. ASPEN does not endorse these statements and suggests you contact the industry partner with any questions.

Educational Resources on COVID-19 and Nutrition




Journal Articles

Patient Stories

Tube Feeding Fueled Dad’s Victory Over COVID-19
Tube Feeding Fueled Dad’s Victory Over COVID-19
John, father of three
Rebekah Patient Story
Thriving on Parenteral Nutrition and Working as a Registered Nurse
Rebekah, registered nurse

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