ICUs Needed for EFFORT Trial

The Effect of Protein Dosing in Critically Ill Patients 

How much protein is required to optimize outcomes for critically ill patients? Recent clinical guidelines for critical illness in adults recommend daily protein doses of 1.2-2.0 g/kg body weight. Large observational studies generally support lower mortality with greater protein intake. The few randomized clinical trials were small and inconclusive, and post hoc analyses suggested that more protein may be associated with harm.

The EFFORT Trial is a registry-based, clinical trial that includes randomization of individual patients to a protein target of either ≤1.2 g/kg/day or ≥2.2 g/kg/day. Its goal is to determine which of these protein doses yields lower 60-day mortality and shorter time to discharge alive.   

By the ASPEN 2022 Nutrition Science & Practice Conference, we hope the optimal protein dose in critically ill patients will be clear. We need your support and participation to make this dream come true.

Get involved in enrolling ICU patients to this important trial.

Visit the EFFORT site for details and to get started!

Watch the session on Leveraging a Registry to Conduct Randomized Controlled Trials from ASPEN18. (You will need to log in with your ASPEN username and password (or create an account to view full session).

Questions? Contact Dr. Charlene Compher ([email protected]) and Dr. Jayshil Patel ([email protected]

Additional Resource

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