Enteral Nutrition Resources

General Resources

ASPEN has developed  Safe Practices for Enteral Nutrition Therapy  to share with clinicians, administrators, educators and researchers, the healthcare community, patients, and their caregivers for delivering EN in an effort to optimize enteral nutrition practices, published in JPEN 2016.

The updated ASPEN Enteral Nutrition Handbook Second Edition contains the latest recommendations on safe practices, ENFit®, and new information on preparation, labeling, and dispensing of EN. It is a step-by-step, practical guide to caring for patients receiving EN therapy.

Educational Video Inventory

The ASPEN Enteral Nutrition Task Force has developed an inventory of Enteral Nutrition Videos for both clinicians and/or patients/caregivers

Formula Guide

(Under development)

Medication Issues

Clinicians with EN patients will find ASPEN’s Guidebook on Enteral Medication Administration an essential resource. It’s the only US book specifically targeting medication delivery via feeding tubes.

ENFit® syringe Medication Delivery Procedures

Medication Error Reporting

Enteral Connectors


EN Safety Checklists

(Under development)


Patient and Caregiver Education

(Under development)

Resources and Projects for Specific Populations

Critically-Ill Adult Patients

This ASPEN EN Care Pathway provides steps and resources for managing critically-ill adult patients requiring enteral nutrition (EN), starting at needs assessment through transition out of the ICU.

Pediatric-Neonatal Patients

New Opportunities for Verification of Enteral Tube Location (NOVEL) Project

The  NOVEL Project was launched to address an important issue—what is the best practice to verify nasogastric (NG) feeding tube location in pediatrics? NG tube misplacement can cause serious harm and/or death to patients. X-rays can be used to verify proper tube placement, but with pediatric patients, NG tubes can be removed several times a day. The use of x-rays to verify every tube placement can overexpose these patients to radiation.