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Advocacy initiatives require involvement from all ASPEN members and stakeholders, and you can help strengthen ASPEN’s advocacy efforts by engaging today!

Visit the ASPEN Public Policy Home Page for a complete list and description of all key priority issues.

To take action today, see below for the current calls to action.

ASPEN’s Active Action Alerts!

Thank you for your efforts and taking action today! Open Action Alerts are listed below.

Priority Issue
Brief Description

Current Call to Action 

Medical Nutrition Equity Act Once reintroduced to the 118th Congress, the bill will seek to expand coverage under Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health care programs and private health insurance to include foods, vitamins, and individual amino acids that are medically necessary for the management of certain digestive and metabolic disorders and conditions. MNEA FactSheet

Visit the PPMNE Take Action Center to help advocate for the Medical Nutrition Equity Act. There are two ways to access:

Safe Step Act, S.652
This legislation is aimed at improving step therapy protocols and ensuring patients are able to safely and efficiently access optimal treatments. The bill requires a group health plan to establish and exception to medication step-therapy protocol in specified cases. The bill also requires a group health plan to implement and make readily available a clear process for an individual to request an exception to the protocol, including required information and criteria for granting an exception. The bill further specifies timelines under which plans must respond to such requests.
Use the Safe Step Act Toolkit to contact your senators and representatives*.
Safe Step Act HELP Mark Up Toolkit 
*Identifying and contacting your legislators at the state and federal level is quick and easy. Contact your elected officials to help them understand your views as their constituent as well as a clinical nutrition advocate.

How to Identify Your Federal Representatives and Senators

  • Visit to find out who your Senate or House members are. (Note: Each of the lists provides office addresses, phone numbers, and links to their websites where you can find email addresses or “contact me” pages).

How to Identify Legislators at the State Level

  • Visit your state’s government page: Enter (the “XX” is the abbreviation for your state. For example, is the official state of Colorado website)

General Communication with your Legislators
For general communication, use this letter template to begin creating your communication.