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General Parenteral Nutrition Resources

NICU PN Guidelines
PN Indications and AppropriatenessPN DosingPN Myths
  • NEW! Dispelling Myths About Parenteral Nutrition Use : Despite the facts about parenteral nutrition (PN), several myths about the initiation and safe delivery of PN exist. This document is aimed at dispelling common myths related to patient conditions, PN components, stability and compatibility, and administration. Supported by Baxter, 2023  
PN Safety


Safety in Parenteral Nutrition Compounding NCP, 2023  

Central Venous Catheter Safety in Pediatric Patients with Intestinal Failure NCP, 2023   

ASPEN Lipid Injectable Emulsions Safety Recommendations
PediatricPN Compatibility and StabilityPN Ordering, Order Review, Compounding, Labeling, DispensingPN Preparation and Administration
Filters for PN PN Photoprotection PN Safe Care Transitions ASPEN PN Competency Model

Additional Topic Specific PN Resources

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Electronic Health Record Workflow for PN
Fatty Acids
Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-9 Fatty Acids Home PN Intestinal Failure Lipid Injectable Emulsions (ILE)
  • Videos: Intravenous Lipid Emulsions (ILE) Series: Addresses a knowledge gap between best practice recommendations and current practices in parenteral nutrition. (Sponsored by Fresenius Kabi) 2018
Malnutrition Multi-Chamber Bag PNMultivitaminsQuality Improvement Refeeding SyndromeReimbursement of PNSupplemental PN
  • Use of Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition in Critically Ill Patients: Webinar Recording and Fact Sheet 2022
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  • Use of Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition for Surgical Oncology Patients: Webinar Recording and Fact Sheet 2022
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Trace Elements

PN Product Shortages

  • Product Shortage List: ASPEN continually monitors the status of PN products and maintains communication with the FDA, manufacturers, healthcare organizations and clinicians to stay updated on the status of shortages. Through these collaborations, ASPEN keeps an updated list of products considered to be in short supply by the FDA, partners to try to resolve shortages and provides resources for managing shortages.
  • Product Shortage Recommendations: These recommendations, developed by the Clinical Practice Committee PN Shortage Subcommittee and approved by the Board of Directors, help clinicians manage parenteral nutrition therapy during product shortages.
  • Submit Comments Regarding PN Product Shortages: ASPEN is committed to continually addressing PN product shortages by working with the FDA, manufacturers, other professional healthcare organizations, and clinicians. This communication helps ASPEN stay up to date on the status of shortages, collaborate to resolve shortages and to develop and provide resources to aid in the management of shortages. Comments and input regarding information and experience related to shortages and outages by clinicians is valuable to ASPEN. If your institution is experiencing a shortage of any PN products or components, please voluntarily provide your comments by clicking here.
    Please note, ASPEN is not able to personally communicate regarding these submissions. Thank you in advance for your comments.  

Adverse Event and Error Reporting Program 

ASPEN and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) developed this program to educate clinicians about error reporting with nutrition support therapy. Learn more about this program and report nutrition support errors.

ASPEN PN Books and Workbooks

ASPEN PN Educational Programs