Malnutrition Awareness Week™


Malnutrition Awareness Week 2023

Make an Impact During Malnutrition Awareness Week

Malnutrition Awareness WeekTM is ASPEN’s annual campaign to educate healthcare professionals and consumers on the detection, intervention, and treatment of malnutrition. Here are some ways you can participate.

  • Ask your organization to become an official MAW ambassador and take the lead in educating colleagues, patients, and community. ASPEN provides you with promotional and educational resources, including tips for organizing MAW activities at your institution. And there is no cost to become an ambassador.
  • Submit a request to your governor to proclaim September 18-22, 2023, as Malnutrition Awareness Week.
  • Write and submit an op-ed to your local newspaper.
  • Hold a MAW event at your institution.
  • Hold a MAW event with your local ASPEN chapter.
  • Volunteer to create educational tools and resources. Email [email protected].
  • Sign up for MAW webinars. They’re free to ASPEN members and MAW ambassadors and many offer CE credits! MAW webinar schedule will be coming this summer.

About Malnutrition Awareness Week

Malnutrition Awareness WeekTM is an annual, multi-organizational campaign created by ASPEN in 2012 to:

  • Educate healthcare professionals about early detection and treatment of malnutrition 
  • Educate consumers/patients on the importance of discussing their nutrition status with healthcare professionals 
  • Increase awareness of nutrition’s role on patient recovery

ASPEN Malnutrition Awareness Week, with the help of ambassadors, corporate sponsors, and collaboration with liked-minded societies, has grown exponentially around the world, reaching more than 230.5 million healthcare professionals, government leaders, community agencies, patients, and caregivers.

Malnutrition Awareness Week is part of the National Health Observances Calendar. This award-winning program has been presented with numerous recognitions from U.S. senators, governors, and other leading groups.