ASPEN eBooks

Many ASPEN books come in print and digital (ebook) options. With the ebook option, you’ll have access to your publications anytime, anywhere—on your PC, mobile phone or tablet—online or offline. Users can also add personal notes, bookmark a page and highlight text in ebooks they purchased.

Follow These Easy Steps to Access ASPEN eBooks 

  1. Order your ebook from the ASPEN Online Bookstore *.

  2. Access your ebook

    • Log in to the ASPEN eBook Center

    • The ebooks you purchased will be listed under "Bookshelf."  

    •  Click on the ebook title, image, or "read online" button to read 

*The ASPEN main website,, the ASPEN Online Bookstore and the ASPEN eBook Center use the same log in information. Your user name is your email address. If you’ve forgotten your password, click here. 

Get eBook Access for Your Staff!

All books published by ASPEN are available via EBSCO for multi-user access in colleges, hospitals and other institutions. Have your librarian or institutional representative contact EBSCO to get started reading your favorite ASPEN titles!

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