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Lean Body Mass Preservation in the Critically Ill (R20)

Jan 25 | 9:45AM - 11:45AM

Lean Body Mass Preservation in the Critically Ill (R20)


  1. Describe the importance of nutrient delivery in the preservation of muscle mass in the ICU
  2. Summarize the biology of how lipids and protein are responsible for muscle mass preservation and muscle anabolism
  3. Identify how nutrient delivery complements the efficacy of established and emerging therapies to preserve and enhance muscle mass in ICU survivors


Protein Metabolism Under Conditions of Stress
Peter Weijs, PhD

Muscle Anabolism
Olav Rooijackers, PhD

Lipids to Prevent Muscle Wasting
Zudin Puthucheary, PhD

Physical Therapy, Nutrition Support, and Functional Status
Jessica Rydingsward, DPT

Electromagnetic Therapy and Muscle
Selina Parry, PhD


Kenneth Christopher, MD

LEARNING LEVEL: Intermediate
UAN: J0002345-0000-18-036-L01-P
CE CREDIT: 2 hours