Barney Sellers Public Policy Award

SellersBarney Sellers, former ASPEN executive director, had a tremendous impact on public policy and advocacy during his 15-year tenure. Specifically, he was instrumental in working with many members to advance our advocacy goals and give ASPEN a voice among policy makers in the US.

In late 2009, the Board of Directors approved the Barney Sellers Advocacy Award in honor of his work. This award will be given annually to an ASPEN member who has significantly contributed to advancing our advocacy goals.

Nominations for the 2024 Barney Sellers Public Policy Award is now closed

Criteria for Award

  1. Award nominees must be a member of ASPEN
  2. Award nominees must have contributed to ASPEN's advocacy and public policy initiatives. 

Selection Process

  1. Nominations for the ASPEN24 conference is closed. Nominations for the ASPEN25 conference will open in the fall of 2024.  

  2. A task force made up of members of the Public Policy Committee and ASPEN staff will review the nominations, hold a conference call, and decide on the awardee by December 1 of the year prior to the award ceremony.