Update on Parenteral Amino Acids Supply—December 2020

Baxter and B. Braun have notified ASPEN that some of their amino acids products are on allocation. For more information on these allocations please see Baxter’s and B. Braun’s Valued Customer Letters. ASPEN has developed shortage considerations for parenteral amino acids products to assist its members and other clinicians in coping with shortages for their patients. Some of the considerations for managing a shortage of amino acids include:

  1. Assess and regularly reassess each patient as to the indication for PN and provide nutrition via the oral or enteral route when possible.
  2. ONLY use Neonatal/Pediatric-specific amino acids or disease-specific amino acids for the indicated patient populations.
  3. Reserve high concentration amino acids products (e.g., greater than 10%) for fluid-restricted patients requiring PN.
  4. Assess your PN patient population to determine if multi-chamber bag PN products (aka, standardized, commercially-available parenteral nutrition products) may be appropriate for a portion of your patient population.
  5. Compound PN in a single, central location (either in a centralized pharmacy or as outsourced preparation) to decrease inventory waste. Consider a supply outreach to other facilities in your geographic location.