The National Board of Nutrition Support Certification (NBNSC) is an independent credentialing board established in 1984 by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN).

Content of Examination


The Certification Examination for Nutrition Support Clinicians is a computer-based examination composed of a maximum of 250 multiple-choice, objective questions with a total allowed testing time of four (4) hours.


The content for the examination is described in the Content Outline included in the Candidate Handbook. The questions for the examination are obtained from individuals with expertise in specialized nutrition support and are reviewed for construction, accuracy, and appropriateness by NBNSC.  The NBNSC, with the advice of the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC), prepares the examination. The CNSC® exam is a US-based exam and may relate to practice in the US. 


The Certification Examination for Nutrition Support Clinicians will be weighted in approximately the following manner:


I.   Nutrition Assessment (32%)

II.  Clinical Management (55%)

III. Process Management (3%)

IV. Professional Practice (10%)