Multi-Chamber Bag Parenteral Nutrition (MCB-PN) Video Series

ASPEN created this MCB-PN video series to educate clinicians on the appropriate use of multi-chamber bag parenteral nutrition. Clinicians in the US usually prescribe personalized formulas for their patients, but for many, MCB-PN can be a safe, more convenient and cost-effective option. It is important that clinicians are aware of all appropriate PN options for their patients.

The 4-part, 10-minute MCB-PN videos are:

Part I: Introduction, Indications, and Decision Tool (Andrew Mays, PharmD, CNSC) 

Part II: Prescribing and Order Review (Jacob Hall, PharmD, BCNSP) 

Part III: Preparing,Labeling, and Dispensing (Sarah Miller, PharmD, MS, BCNSP) 

Part IV: Administration and Monitoring (David Keeler, RN, BSN) 

This program was supported by an educational grant from Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi