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The ASPEN Nutrition Support and Ethics Resource page allows healthcare professionals to access publications, tools, educational offerings, and resources on nutrition support and ethical decisions for patients. ASPEN has recognized that ethics in nutrition support is an important concept in clinical practice and education for nutrition support practitioners. The organization has an International Clinical Ethics section to address these issues.

NEW! Ethical Aspects of Artificially Administered Nutrition and Hydration: An ASPEN Position Paper. Schwartz DB, Barrocas A, Annetta MG, Stratton K, McGinnis C, Hardy G, Wong T, Arenas D, Turon-Findley MP, Kliger RG, Corkins KG, Mirtallo J, Amagai T, Guenter P; ASPEN International Clinical Ethics Position Paper Update Workgroup. (NCP 2021)

Specific Quality of Life Assessment by the NutriQoL® Questionnaire Among Patients Receiving Home Enteral Nutrition (JPEN 2020)  

Themes of Stressors, Emotional Fatigue, and Communication Challenges Found in Mobile Care Discussion Sessions With Patients Requiring Lifelong Home Parenteral Nutrition Infusions (JPEN 2020)

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