GI Nutrition Series for Clinicians

November 16, 2021,  3:00 PM - Febuary 08, 2022, 4:00 PM 

Event Type: Webinars

Clinicians everywhere struggle to care for the diverse array of patients with GI disorders. Patients with gastrointestinal (GI) diseases are at risk for compromised nutrition status. Alterations in GI function and physiology, either because of surgery or an underlying disease state, can result in a serious decline in one's nutrition status and quality of life. Understanding GI disorders and the tools available for their diagnosis and treatment allows the clinician to design an appropriate nutrition regimen and provide the best care to patients. This 2021–2022 lecture series will include presentations of common or very complex GI topics by clinicians who have worked at the bedside with these patients, and hence developed knowledge and skills that are not always in the textbook. Topics to be presented include:

  1. Short Bowel Syndrome in the Adult Patient: A Clinical Approach
  2. Parenteral Nutrition: Pearls for Practice
  3. Preventing Wernicke’s and Refeeding Syndrome (and Avoid a Lawsuit)
  4. Nutritional Care of the Patient with Cirrhosis or Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis

Each session will be moderated by the course director and GI nutrition support expert, Carol Rees Parrish, MS, RDN.

Overall Course Learning Objectives 

  1. Summarize details involved in the nutritional care of patients with GI disorders. 
  2. Identify reliable resources to explore more information regarding nutrition support and GI Nutrition as it relates to various GI disease states.
  3. Differentiate appropriate drugs and their dosing for specific GI disease states.
  4. Develop management strategies for patients with nutritional emergencies (refeeding, Wernicke’s).
  5. Improve collaboration between gastroenterologists and nutrition professionals.
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