ASPEN Parenteral Nutrition Order Writing Course Session 2

July 08, 2024  -  August 08, 2024

Event Type: Webinars

Fantastic Hybrid Learning Opportunity!  

Learn how to assess, initiate, and manage patients requiring parenteral nutrition (PN) in this hybrid continuing education course where participants learn independently through a series of videos and come together at a later date for live group case work with faculty experts via Zoom. This course is for all clinicians who care for patients needing parenteral nutrition. 

The course capacity is limited to 100 participants for each session, so register early. This small class size will be optimal for hands-on learning with the course faculty to ensure each participant completes the course with improved skills in PN order writing.     

Course registrants will receive the ASPEN Parenteral Nutrition Workbook, SecondEdition in both hard copy and eBook format (a $99.99 value)*.  

*Participants outside the US and Canada will receive the eBook format only.    

PN Order Writing Course 2024 Session 2

July 8, 2024: Independent course work begins

August 8, 2024, 2:30 - 4:00 PM ET: Live virtual case work

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After completion of the online modules, participants will join faculty via Zoom for application of knowledge gained. Faculty and course participants will work collaboratively on patient cases that involve PN. Course participants will rotate between two breakout rooms to work on different cases. Each breakout room case work will last for 45 minutes for a total of 90 minutes of live case work and collaboration.  

Rotation 1 will have breakout rooms focused on  

  • Adults  
  • Home PN  
  • Neonatal  

Rotation 2 will have breakout rooms focused on  

  • Adults  
  • Pediatrics  
  • Competencies


  1. Determine when parenteral nutrition (PN) is an appropriate nutrition intervention for a given patient  
  2. Create and write a PN prescription determining appropriate macro- and micronutrients according to the patient’s nutrition assessment including  
    • Initiation of PN  
    • Advancement to goal  
    • Adjustment of electrolytes based on abnormal patient laboratory values and use of medications  
    • Eventual weaning off PN   
  3. Differentiate PN requirements based on patient age and clinical diagnosis  
  4. Formulate a safe PN prescription accounting for compounding compatibility and stability limits   
  5. Develop PN writing competencies for clinicians involved with prescribing, compounding, and administering PN 


Module   Title
 1.   PN Fundamentals 
 2.   PN Safety 
 3.   PN Competencies 
 4.   PN Resources 
 5.   PN Appropriateness 
 6.   Vascular Access 
 7.   PN Components 
 8.   PN Administration 
 9.   PN Compounding and Stability 
 10.   PN Initiation and Advancement 
 11.   Electrolytes 
 12.   Refeeding Syndrome 
 13.  PN Additives 
 14.  Advancing and Monitoring PN 
 15.  Additional PN Considerations 



Mary Petrea Cober, PharmD, BCNSP, BCPPS, FASPEN, Professor of Pharmacy Practice; Director of Workforce Development, Office of Student Success; Director of Professional Development, Office of Education, Northeast Ohio Medical University, College of Pharmacy, Rootstown, OH  

Jessica Monczka, RD, CNSC, Regional Nutrition Manager for Restore+ Nutrition Program, Option Care Health, Denver, CO  

Ainsley Malone, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC, FAND, FASPEN, Clinical Practice Specialist, ASPEN; Nutrition Support Dietitian, Mt. Carmel Health System, Columbus, OH   

Karrie Derenski, PharmD, BCNSP, BCCCP, CNSC, DPLA, FASPEN, Assistant Director of Pharmacy Op, Department of Pharmacy, CoxHeatlh, Springfield, MO   


CE Credit: 9 Credits

Level: Basic/Intermediate   

Session 1 UAN:  JA0002345-0000-24-098-H99-P  

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