Self-Assessment Program Pricing

Module-Based for Ease of Use!

Once you've decided which areas you need to study, purchase the entire program or only the modules you need.

Number of Modules Member Price  Nonmember Price 
1 module $45.00 $55.00
2 modules $65.00 $85.00
3 modules $95.00 $125.00
4 modules $115.00 $155.00
5 modules $135.00 $185.00
6 modules $155.00 $215.00
7 modules $175.00 $235.00
8 modules $205.00 $265.00
9 modules $225.00 $285.00
Practice Test Only $85.00 $115.00
All 10 modules + Practice Test $265.00 $335.00

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Your registration fee includes program access for 12 months following purchase. CE credits are included (2 per module) in the price, and are available after successful completion of each module. Once you submit for CE credit, you will be able to use the flash cards and Review Assessment until the 12-month period ends.

Volume Discount Table

Discounts are available for multi-user purchases of the full program (all modules) and practice test when completed as one order.  

Number of Units  Discount 
5-9 units*  5% discount
10-24 units  10% discount 
25-49 units  15% discount
50-99 units  20% discount
100 or more units   25% discount

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*A unit is equivalent to one order of the full program (all modules and the practice test).

How to Access Volume Discounts:

Volume discounts are available within the online registration system for the Self-Assessment Program. After logging in, simply sign up for access to the volume order administration section.  This allows you to: 

  • select and pay for the number of units you want to purchase.
  • register new users.
  • review how many units you have, how many have been assigned or used, and how many units you have remaining.
  • assign units to users.