How the Self-Assessment Program Works

Each module contains a pre-assessment and a post-assessment. First you will assess your current knowledge by completing and submitting the pre-assessment comprised of 40-75 questions. After you answer each question, you will be shown the correct answer, commentary/rationale, and references.  Once you have answered all questions, the pre-assessment must be submitted before progressing further in the module. 

Once the pre-assessment has been completed and submitted, you can reset the pre-assessment as many times as you like to utilize it as a study tool for continued practice.

Once you feel confident, you can continue to the post-assessment. You must achieve a passing score of 60% correct or higher on the post-assessment to receive CE credit.

After successful completion of the post-assessment, you will be asked to complete an evaluation prior to claiming CE credit. 

After completing, submitting and claiming CE credit for the post-assessment, you can reset the assessment for continued study and practice.  This reset does not change the initial post-assessment submission, the grade earned, or credit claimed, it is simply for practice and mastering of the content.

The Practice Test consists of 100 randomly generated questions from all modules, presented in a timed testing environment, and consists of two attempts.  Please note that you cannot receive CE credit for the Practice Test.

Your registration fee includes program access for 12 months from the date of purchase. CE credits are included (2 per module) in the price and are available after successful completion of each module and evaluation. Once your 12 months subscription ends, you will no longer be able to access the content. 

Each module has its own CE expiration date.  All credit must be claimed by the expiration date posted. Those who do not claim credit by the posted expiration date forfeit credit for those modules.  

If a module’s CE credit expires, you will continue to have access to the module for continued studying until your subscription expiration date, however you will not be able to claim credit.  

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