Section Leader Table of Contents

If you're a first-time volunteer leader or new to section leadership and need to know where to start, a great place to begin is with the information on annual planning. If you're a seasoned section volunteer and looking for specific resources or answers, view our list of frequently used items. Looking to start a section? Review the information we’ve provided on how to get started.

As a Section leader, I need to…  

Complete my Section’s annual work plan due by May 31, 2022

Schedule a conference call  

Create and submit ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Session Proposal

Create and submit Clinical Nutrition Week meeting proposal without education

Find sponsors

Promote my Section and/or my Section’s event 

Review the ASPEN Graphic Standards  

As a Section leader, I need to learn more about…  

Annual deadlines and responsibilities

Election procedures

Starting a Section


General administration

Leadership development

Leadership styles

Mobilizing volunteers   



Plan a Section meeting

Create your annual work plan

Creating a Conversation Map 

Section Funding   

Securing funding through sponsorships or project budgets 


Growing my Section’s membership

Engaging current members


Section Promotion

ASPEN Graphic Standards