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Postgraduate Course: Critical Care (PG-2018)

Jan 22 | 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Pre-Conference Course

Postgraduate Course: Critical Care (PG-2018)

The ASPEN Critical Care Post Graduate Course is the optimal course for physicians, dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists who work with critically ill patients. The 2018 course is no exception. Join your colleagues for an in-depth learning experience in critical care nutrition.


  1. List the causes and consequences of feeding interruptions and identify novel approaches to assure early nutritional adequacy in critically ill patients
  2. Describe methods and tools to screen for malnutrition when conducting a nutrition-focused physical examination in critically ill patients
  3. Summarize the effects of protein supplements on muscle protein synthesis and the potential benefits of specific amino acids/amino acid derivatives
  4. Discuss general trace element and micronutrient deficiencies including emerging data on dialysis and critically ill burn patients
  5. Explain the importance of the microbiome during physiologic stress and the potential impact of probiotic therapy during critical illness
  6. Identify the causes and consequences of constipation as well as the mechanisms underlying existing and novel therapies


Focused Nutritional Screening and Assessment in the Critically Ill
Ainsley Malone, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, FAND, FASPEN

Novel Strategies for Achieving Nutritional Adequacy in the Intensive Care Unit
Daniel Dante Yeh, MD, CNSC

Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation in the Critically Ill
Sadeq Quraishi, MD, MHA, MMSc

Trace Element and Micronutrient Considerations in the Critically Ill
Mette Berger, MD, PhD

Probiotics and the Microbiome in Critical Illness
Paul Wischmeyer, MD, EDIC

Constipation Management Strategies in the Intensive Care Unit
Sadeq Quraishi, MD, MHA, MMSc

Sadeq Quraishi, MD, MHA, MMSc

UAN: J0002345-0000-18-001-L01-P
CE CREDIT: 4 hours