ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation

Inspiring the Next Generation of Investigators: To Drive the Therapies of Tomorrow

The Foundation is named in honor of Jonathan Rhoads, M.D., for his outstanding and renowned contributions to science in the fields of clinical nutrition, nutrition support, and surgery. The Foundation funds exceptional scientific research projects on clinical nutrition and metabolic support.

Future research should include both basic science-oriented investigations aimed at improving our understanding of the science of nutrient regulation in different disease states, as well as clinical and translational research to determine how the practice of nutrition support can continue to be refined and individualized to optimize clinical outcomes.

The Foundation envisions an environment that develops and sustains a vital community of committed nutrition researchers.

To support the personal and professional development of nutrition researchers throughout their careers.

Foundations' Core Values:

Nurture: Supporting personal and professional growth
Integrity: Endorsing honest, ethical behavior
Inquiry: Seeking new knowledge
Quality: Championing scientifically sound research
Inclusiveness: Supporting research across all disciplines and interest areas of ASPEN

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Thank you to our donors! The Foundation is grateful to all contributors who make the grants possible.

The Foundation by the Numbers
  • Since its creation in 1994, the Foundation has awarded more than $1.68 million to investigators for promising new research in nutrition and metabolic support.
  • More than 101 investigators, clinicians, trainees and graduate students have received grant support.
  • Several of the Foundation's grant recipients have received major funding from federal funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration and from universities and foundations to pursue large-scale nutrition research initiatives.
  • More than 115 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles have been published based upon the recipients’ initial work from their Foundation grants.
  • Two of the 2016 Vars Award candidates and one of the 2017 Vars Award candidates received Foundation grants.

Congratulations to the 2017 Foundation grant recipients.