This curriculum guide is intended to provide direction for training Physician Nutrition Specialists® in post-residency fellowships in nutrition, gastroenterology, endocrinology, and other fellowship programs that can provide at least 6 months time dedicated to learning nutrition.

 Definition of a Physician Nutrition Specialist® (PNS)  

While the Guide is intended to be a relatively complete resource, it is by no means exhaustive, and many very worthy resources could not be listed. If you have any suggestions for revisions, please address them to the Webmaster.


The practice of clinical nutrition, as with other areas of medical practice, must be based on the best medical evidence. The references presented in this curriculum guide are intended to provide the foundation of evidence on which clinical nutrition practice is based. Each citation is annotated in order to assist in selecting the resources that will be most useful to each training situation. While each section of the guide must be used to some extent in order to permit comprehensive training, programs providing nutrition fellowship training may emphasize the portions of the guide that best meet the objectives of their fellowship and the needs of their fellows. Program directors can decide whether to provide trainees with copies of each cited resource or selected resources.

 Within each content category the guide contains references to some or all of the following

Textbooks and chapters
Review articles
Original reports
Seminal papers
Case studies
Mediated materials
Web sites
Clinical algorithms, practice standards, position papers
Pocket cards, downloadable packages

Curriculum Guide Table of Contents  

Training Standards for Physician Nutrition Specialists®