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Keynote Address: Tenets of Nutrition Support Clinical Practice (S10)

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM ET

You’ll want to hear the Keynote Address on Sunday, March 21 by ASPEN 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Peggi Guenter, PhD, RN, FAAN, FASPEN.

As Dr. Guenter speaks on the “Tenets of Nutrition Support Clinical Practice,” it will become clear why she recently became only the second person to receive this prestigious recognition of her significant contributions to ASPEN and the field of nutrition support. You’ll hear how her endless curiosity and a focus on improving patient care opened doors and formed her outstanding career and how it links with the evolution of ASPEN. It’s a career worth exploring.

Beginning with her 20 years as a nutrition support nurse and clinical director and then throughout her 25 years in leadership positions at ASPEN, Dr. Guenter has played a pivotal role in translating path-breaking research findings into improved models of care. As Senior Director, Clinical Practice, Quality, and Advocacy, Dr. Guenter has overseen the development of ASPEN’s Clinical Guidelines, Consensus Recommendations, Position Papers and Standards.

Her strong, clear, and compassionate voice has been heard as she has convincingly articulated both the scientific basis and human need for nutrition therapy and support. Dr. Guenter has forged partnerships with allied associations to change outdated regulations and helped institute new public policies. She has bridged borders and joined forces with associations in Canada and the United Kingdom to increase malnutrition awareness.

Although officially retiring from her full-time ASPEN position at the beginning of 2021, Dr. Guenter will continue to have voice in improving nutrition care and support. It’s a voice worth hearing.


  1. Describe the multiple tenets that make up clinical practice.
  2. Analyze the tenets in context of nutrition support.
  3. Employ the tenets to improve nutrition support practice.

    CE Credit: 1 hour
    Level: Intermediate
    UAN: JA0002345-0000-21-019-L04-P

    Peggi Guenter
    Peggi Guenter, PhD, RN, FAAN, FASPEN
    ASPEN 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner