exam preparation

Tools and Resources to Become a CNSC

The NBNSC provides some reference information in the candidate handbook.  An additional list of suggested study materials can be found on the ASPEN website.

Outside organizations may have some study resources available. The NBNSC does not endorse any particular resource. 

Ultimate Authority

If it appears that an answer to an exam question may vary depending on the reference used the following policy will be followed: 

  1. The ASPEN Practice Guidelines and Standards and Practice papers will be considered the final authority when questions of answers are raised.  These papers are available at no charge on the ASPEN website.
  2. If the NBNSC determines that a guideline or standard from another organization differs from those published by ASPEN, it will only be considered authoritative if it is a peer reviewed document from a recognized organization and has been published after the publication date of the ASPEN document it disagrees with. 
  3. In the event that a question's answer is challenged the question and answer will be reviewed by the exam chairperson, the chairperson of the Executive board and, if necessary by a third person with special knowledge of the field.