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CNSC Certification

Certification is the process, often voluntary, by which individuals who have demonstrated the level of knowledge and skill required in the profession, occupation, role, or skill are identified to the public and other stakeholders. (Source: The National Organization for Competency Assurance 2004 Standards Glossary). 

The CNSC® Certification Program: 

  • Establishes the body of knowledge necessary for certification; 
  • Tests, through written examination, the common body of knowledge necessary to deliver parenteral or enteral nutrition support; 
  • Recognizes specialty knowledge by granting certification to successful candidates; and
  • Promotes continual professional development of individuals delivering nutrition support services. 

NBNSC currently certifies nurses, physicians, pharmacists, advanced practice providers (physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, nurse practitioners), dentists, and dietitians who demonstrate they have attained the skills necessary to deliver quality nutrition support care. 


  1. Download and review the candidate handbook  to learn about the certification process, including the policies and procedures for the exam.
  2. International Candidates, please review in full the NBNSC’s Certification Policy  and Eligibility Requirements for International Candidates. 
  3. To apply for the exam,  submit an application with the appropriate fee and any additional documentation to the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC), NBNSC's testing partner.
  4. Please refer to the PTC Homepage  for details if you require a special testing location or special testing arrangements for candidates with special needs.
  5. All requests for receipt of payment for the CNSC exam should be addressed to the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) at (212) 356-0660 or through the PTC Contact Page