No. You do not need to be a member of ASPEN to take the NBNSC certification exam. 

The exam will be offered during two periods annually in the spring and the fall.

Exam results are sent via email to exam candidates approximately four to six weeks after the last day of testing for the testing period. Exam results are sent directly from the testing company, PTC. The NBNSC does not know any exam results until they are sent from the testing company.  

Yes, once the NBNSC receives the score report from PTC, certificates will be processed. This typically takes about 8 weeks from the time NBNSC receives the score report. 

There is no waiting period. The exam can be retaken during the next testing period. 

Detailed information regarding rescheduling of the examination is available in the candidate handbook .

For more information on study resources offered by other entities, visit here.

Please note, when more than one reference is available on a topic, the default reference for the CNSC exam content will be that published by ASPEN.  

Contact NBNSC's testing partner, Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) at (212) 356 - 0660 or the PTC Contact Page.

The CNSC® exam tests the knowledge that is required for the delivery of safe and effective nutrition support as defined by the evidenced-based, interprofessional practice audit. Some individuals may find the test to be "basic" while others may view the test as "advanced". 

In order to have a legally and practically defensible exam, it must represent clinical practice. Practice drives certification; certification does not drive practice. The NBNSC uses the practice audit to validate the content of the exam. This is considered the highest level of supporting evidence. From there, the test items are developed with the assistance of a psychometrician.