ASPEN's Malnutrition Awareness Week™

Join us September 26 - 30, 2016 for the fifth annual Malnutrition Awareness Week. The purpose of this week is to raise awareness in healthcare professionals to consider assessing and intervening earlier and for the public to realize that they need to ask about their nutrition status and advocate for optimal nutrition care as much as possible.

The History and Purpose of Malnutrition Awareness Week

In 2009, ASPEN recognized a need for greater awareness of malnutrition, which is common in hospitalized patients in the United States and is associated with unfavorable outcomes including higher infection rates, poor wound healing, longer lengths of stay, and higher frequency of readmission. Not unexpectedly, these outcomes are associated with increased costs. In some studies, 30-50% of patients become malnourished, often during a hospital stay.

The purpose of Malnutrition Awareness Week™ is to raise awareness in healthcare professionals to consider assessing and intervening earlier and for the public to realize that they need to ask about their nutrition status and advocate for optimal nutrition care as much as possible. In 2014, ASPEN received a Certificate of Special Recognition from United States Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland for Malnutrition Awareness Week™. This week is always packed full of educational programming and resource dissemination to help clinicians and the general public understand this often poorly diagnosed condition.

Additionally, ASPEN is pleased to announce that the 2015 week has been listed in the National Health Observances Calendar.

Schedule of Events

Monday, September 26 Tuesday, September 27 Wednesday, September 28 Thursday, September 29
Improving Malnutrition from the Physician Perspective* Combating Malnutrition in Spanish Speaking Population: Available Programs and Resources* Age Does Not Matter: Malnutrition in the Aging Population Malnutrition Interventions and Programs for the Older Adult*
Audience: Physicians and nutrition support clinicians Audience: Spanish speaking clinicians and healthcare professionals caring for Spanish speaking patients and caregivers Audience: Clinicians and healthcare professionals Audience: Clinicians, healthcare professionals, and the general public
Karim Godamunne, MD, MBA, SFHM, Chief Medical Officer,
North Fulton Hospital

Peggi Guenter, PhD, RN, FAAN, Senior Director of Clinical Practice, Quality, and Advocacy, American Society
for Parenteral and Enteral
Nutrition (ASPEN)
Isabel Correia, MD, PhD
Universidade Federal,
de Minas Gerais

Antoinette M. Neal, RN,
Clinical Infusion Nurse,
Home Care Infusion
Cleveland Clinic
Julie Cole, RDN, LDN 
Nutrition Intervention Manager, Lee Memorial Health System

Meredith Ponder, JD, 
Policy Director, Defeat Malnutrition Today
Rose Ann DiMaria-Ghalili, PhD, RN,
Associate Professor, Nutrition Sciences Department, College of Nursing and Health Professions,
Drexel University

Roger Fielding, PhD, 
Senior Scientist and Director, Nutrition
Exercise Physiology,
and Sarcopenia Laboratory

Jean Mayer USDA Human
Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University
Al Barrocas, MD, FACS, FASPEN
Amanda Legro, RD
Moderator: Penny Allen, RD, CNSC Moderator:
Kris Mogensen, MS, RD,
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*Participant will receive continuing education credits (ASPEN is accredited to provide medical, pharmacy, nursing and dietetic credits)


Spread the Word

As an important step toward raising awareness about malnutrition and promoting ASPEN's Malnutrition Awareness Week™, the Malnutrition Committee has created informative consumer poster entitled, Ask About Your Nutrition and the Ask About Your Child's Nutrition. We encourage you and your institution to use this poster as an educational tool for your patients. The posters are also available in Spanish below.

Increase awareness. Reduce re-admission rates and lower the annual cost of $156.7 billion. Download our buzz kit to spread the word.

2016 Ask About Your Childs Nutrition Poster - Branded 
2016 Ask About Your Nutrition Poster - Branded 


2016 Ask About Your Childs Nutrition Spanish
2016 Ask About Your Nutrition Spanish

MAW Adult Woman
MAW Adult Man
MAW Pediatrics

  ASPEN HCUP Infographics




Top 5 Programming Ideas for Chapters or Institutions

  1. Register for a Malnutrition Awareness Week™ webinar as a chapter or site and invite as many people as you want, both members and nonmembers, to participate for CE credit.
  2. Fill out the customizable resolution template and petition your state legislature to recognize Malnutrition Awareness Week™.
  3. Identify an expert in your chapter or institution to lead you own “Ask the Experts” in-person session.
  4. Organize a campaign to distribute and post ASPEN’s malnutrition posters in your institution.
  5. Get active on ASPENConnect and social media (using the hashtag #MAW2016) to ask questions and share best practices with people all over the world.

Malnutrition Toolkit

The ASPEN Malnutrition Toolkit allows healthcare professionals to quickly access the latest articles, tools, educational opportunities, and websites to screen, assess, and diagnose malnutrition in your care setting. Both pediatric and adult practice tools are available to help you meet the needs of your patients.

Take Action

Malnutrition Awareness Week™ has been recognized by a number of state legislatures, including Florida, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. Interested in sending a resolution to your state legislature regarding Malnutrition Awareness Week™?

  1. If you live in a state or area with an ASPEN chapter, contact the chapter leaders to offer your assistance with this effort.
  2. If your state or area does not have an ASPEN chapter, download the customizable resolution and research the process you will need to go through. Most information can be found on each state’s General or State Assembly website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ASPEN at 301-587-6315.

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