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Adult Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment (T21)

Jan 23 | 10:30AM - 12:30PM

Adult Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment (T21)

Performing a nutrition focused physical examination (NFPE) is essential to evaluate indicators of nutritional status and to identify the appropriate degree of malnutrition. This session is designed to be a hands-on and interactive session to demonstrate the skills necessary to complete a NFPE in the clinical setting. Topics will include the physical assessment of muscle stores, fat depots, and fluid status; identifying micronutrient deficiencies; conducting an oral and abdominal exam; review of functional status; and assessment of muscle and fat depots using body composition tools. Attendees can choose topics of interest and can feel free to drop in at any station/topic. 
  1. Demonstrate skills in conducting physical assessment of fat depots, muscle stores, fluid status, and micronutrient deficiencies
  2. Demonstrate skills in completing oral and abdominal exam
  3. Utilize functional assessment and body composition tools to identify fat and muscle mass
  4. Interpret and determine clinical relevance of NFPE findings
Physical Assessment of Fat Stores
Lauren Probstfeld, MS, RD, CNSC
Physical Assessment of Fat Stores
Melissa Anderson, RD
Physical Assessment of Muscle Stores
Katie Braun, MS, RD, LD, CNSC
Physical Assessment of Muscle Stores
Alyssa Hess, RD, LDN, CNSC
Physical Assessment of Fluid Status
Yimin Chen, PhD, RD, CNSC
Identifying Micronutrient Deficiencies
Stephanie Dobak, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC
Conducting an Oral Exam
Jane Ziegler, DCN, RDN, LDN
Conducting an Abdominal Exam and Interpretation of Abdominal Radiograph
Mandy Corrigan, MPH, RD, LD, CNSC, FAND
Functional Assessment–Handgrip
Terese Scollard, MBA, RD, LD, FAND
Functional Assessment–Functional Independent Measure (FIM)
Olivia Moss, MS, RD
Feeding Tube Placement
Amy Melton, MS, RDN, LDN, CNSC
Michael Paris, PhD Candidate
Computed Tomography
Sarah Peterson, PhD, RD
Carrie Earthman, PhD, RD

Sarah Peterson, PhD, RD

LEARNING LEVEL: Intermediate
UAN: J0002345-0000-18-009-L04-P
CE CREDIT: 2 hours