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 Enteral Nutrition Therapy Safety Webinar Series and Certificate of Training Program

 ASPEN is pleased to announce a new training series focusing on enteral nutrition therapy safety. Enteral nutrition is an important therapeutic nutrition intervention used in adults, children and infants for a variety of indications. Appropriate use of this modality includes incorporating practices that maximize patient benefit while minimizing adverse events. In response to the recently developed ASPEN Enteral Nutrition Safety Consensus Recommendations, ASPEN has developed a training series to educate all members of the healthcare team who work with EN to optimize your knowledge base of safe EN.

This training series will be in a webinar format and consist of four webinars and one bonus webinar on Neonatal and Pediatric Considerations. As a participant in the training series you have the option to participate in one or all parts. However, to receive the Certificate of Training in Enteral Therapy Safety, you must attend Parts 1, 2, 3, and 5 (Neonatal and Pediatric Considerations is optional) at the scheduled broadcast time and claim continuing education credit. The five parts are as follows.

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 Raising Awareness: New Enteral Connectors

This first program will be an overview designed to raise awareness about these upcoming changes, about how the healthcare system can prepare for this change, and how teams at institutions and agencies can begin planning for this new system.  Issues about the new connectors including definitions, regulatory and system wide language, impact and timing will be included. These new connectors will modify enteral nutrition, hydration, and medication delivery. 

Communication around these changes is being handled by GEDSA GEDSA is also working with a core group of stakeholders including FDA, ISMP, ASPEN, The Joint Commission, Premier Safety Institute, Novation, National Patient Safety Foundation, AVA, and Medication Safety Collaborative. GEDSA Stay Connected 2014.

Access the recording here


Clinical Nutrition Week (CNW)

CNW is ASPEN’s annual conference and is the premier conference on clinical nutrition and metabolism. CNW offers educational sessions for the diverse patient populations served by an interdisciplinary audience of clinical nutrition professionals. Consistent in the conference content are educational sessions related to patient safety, including but not limited to safe practices in PN. 

Nutrition Support Fundamentals and Review Course (NSFRC)

ASPEN’s NSFRC provides an overview of nutrition support therapy that can be used as a tool for helping you identify personal knowledge gaps. This course will include a broad overview of the core subjects including GI physiology, nutrition assessment, parenteral nutrition and enteral nutrition (plus handouts and slides on statistics). The review of specialty areas, such as pediatric nutrition support, home care, and drug nutrient interactions, is intended to hit the highlights of the subject. 

The NSFRC is offered annually as a preconference course prior to CNW and as an eight week distance learning course over the summer. Recordings of previously offered live courses are also available in ASPEN’s eLearning Center. 

Clinical Nutrition Webinars

ASPEN offers an annual clinical nutrition webinar series on a variety of clinical nutrition topics. 

Self Study Programs

Conference and Webinar Recordings

ASPEN’s eLearning Center is the hub of all previous conference and webinar recordings for the past several years. All recordings related to safe PN practice are available. 

  • Safety Considerations with Home Nutrition Support – CNW12 
  • Safe Practices in Enteral Nutrition: Medications vs Misconnections (CNW11) 
  • Most recent Nutrition Support Review Course from CNW14 – has EN lecture and EN and PN access lecture 
  • Safe Practices for Enteral Nutrition: Optimizing Medication Administration and Management – 2010 teleseminar 
  • EN Access Delivery and Monitoring – CNW11 
  • Lets Talk Tubes: Enteral and Parenteral Access Devices – CNW14 handout 
  • Save that tube! Safety of Enteral Access: Recognizing and Preventing Feeding Tube Complications – CNW14 

Self-Assessment Program 

ASPEN’s Self Assessment Program is an online module based program that not only serves as a sound educational tool, but also allows for assessment of knowledge base and determination of future areas of study. The program includes ten modules, two of which emphasize PN. 

Clinician's Compendium to Nutrition Support Therapy

The Clinician’s Compendium to Nutrition Support Therapy, now an A.S.P.E.N. member benefit is an online nutrition support lecture series. The Compendium features key lectures provided by world renowned speakers who represent the multidisciplinary nature of nutrition support. The Compendium is ideal for new and seasoned clinicians, educators and institutions alike, the Compendium is designed to teach the key components of nutrition support therapy.