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The ASPEN Medical Practice Section supports and encourages physicians interested in clinical nutrition to provide mentor-ship and teaching opportunities to younger members and to promote the dissemination of information to practicing physicians, thus allowing optimal nutrition care to healthy individuals and patients with malnutrition.

Letter from the Chair

The mission of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) is stated as to “improve patient care by advancing the science and practice of clinical nutrition and metabolism.” As the representative physician arm of ASPEN, the mission of the Medical Practice Section mirrors these objectives with emphasis placed on our role as physician providers. 

Our interest remains steadfast in three fundamental areas:

Mentorship/ Education
We believe that it is imperative upon us to generate interest, provide mentorship, and establish collegial relationships with young clinicians, residents, and fellows in order to ensure the continued advancement and longevity of the practice of clinical nutrition.

We encourage and hope to facilitate and participate in ongoing contributions to both basic science and clinical research in order to determine best practices and future directions in nutrition support.

Clinical Practice
We are to assist in the characterization and implementation of best clinical practices in the area of nutrition support in order to both improve patient outcomes and to serve as examples to other healthcare providers.

Through the unique opportunity afforded by the multi-disciplinary nature of our Society in fostering relationships and collaboration amongst our various disciplines, we can navigate existing barriers in the healthcare environment in order to ultimately improve patient outcomes. Each of us will have opportunities during our shared experience to serve as the educated, the educator, the mentor and the mentee. 

We acknowledge the great responsibility that we, as nutrition support providers, have been given to ensure that our patients receive optimal support throughout their hospital course and in the outpatient setting. The rewards that are received for our ongoing efforts include lifelong friendships, pride in the quality of care provided, and satisfaction in knowing that future patient outcomes will be improved as a result of our contributions. 

We extend our warmest welcome to you and look forward to your ongoing contributions to both ASPEN and the Medical Practice Section.

Keith R Miller, MD, FACS
Gerard E Mullin, MD

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