The Stanley J. Dudrick Research Scholar Award

The 2022 award cycle is now closed.
Application deadline: July 7, 2021


  • ASPEN members
  • Mid-career investigators and ASPEN members who have an advanced degree (MD, PharmD, MS, PhD, or equivalent) and who have completed formal training in nutritional research/therapy within the past 10-15 years.
  • Demonstration of exceptional research productivity and the potential to continue to contribute to the field of nutrition therapy

Application Information:

Stanley J. Dudrick Research Scholar Award Instructions  

  • To nominate a colleague, please submit submit a letter of recommendation to ASPEN staff, who will then contact the nominee for an application.
  • To nominate yourself, please complete the online application.

This award includes:

  • $2,500
  • Recognition during the Dudrick Symposium at the ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference
  • The honor of planning and chairing ASPEN’s Dudrick Symposium at the following year’s Nutrition Science and Practice Conference
  • Opportunity to submit proceedings of their planned Dudrick Symposium to the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN)

Congratulations to ASPEN's StanleyJ. Dudrick Research Award Recipient:

2021 Awardee 
Jayshil Patel 2019 Headshot
Jayshil J. Patel, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dr. Patel is an exceptional recipient of this award, having been prolific in his career as a physician and as a researcher. Dr. Patel has an interest in malnutrition and nutritional support in critically ill patients. Dr. Patel has participated in several clinical trials related to nutritional support. He has received grant support for several studies related to nutrition in critical illness, including ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Awards for "Phase II Randomized Trial of B12 in Septic Shock" and "Early Enteral Nutrition in Septic Shock." His research has resulted in over seventy published manuscripts, with a significant number on malnutrition, nutritional support, and glucose management in critically ill patients. In 2021 Dr. Patel will continue investigating the safety and tolerance of early EN in mechanically ventilated patients with septic shock. His multicenter team is proposing an NIH-sponsored phase III (multicenter) investigator initiated RCT to evaluate the feasibility of and explore mechanisms behind hypothesized benefit of early EN in mechanically ventilated patients with septic shock. This study will hopefully be the precursor to the definitive trial evaluating the efficacy of early EN in septic shock. Dr. Patel has been very active within ASPEN and is well respected among physician members of the society. Dr. Patel's best work is yet to come.


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