Profiles of Past Dudrick Award Recipients

2022 – Hannah Piper, MD, FRCSC, FACS
Nutrition Therapy in Pediatric Intestinal Failure: Food for a Healthy Gut
2021 – Jayshil Patel, MD
The Hidden (Gut) Dysfunction in Sepsis
2020 – Ajay K. Jain, MD
Advances in Preventing Parenteral Nutrition Associated Side Effects
– Jose Mario Pimiento, MD
Expanding the Boundaries of Cancer Care through Nutritional Support
2018 – Gail A. Cresci, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC
Targeted Approaches for In Situ Gut Microbiome Manipulation Care (Small Peptides)
2017 – Sadeq A. Quraishi, MD, MHA, MMSc
Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Critical Care (Small Peptides)
2016 – Paul William Wales, BSc, MD,MSc FRCSC, FACS
Pediatric Intestinal Failure: Frontiers in Intestinal Adaptation
2015 – Nilesh Mehta, MD
Critical Care Nutrition – Lessons Learned and Future Directions
2014 – Carrie Earthman, PhD, RD
2015 Symposium: Lean Tissue and Protein in Health and Disease: Key Targets and Assessment Strategies. Faculty: Robert Wolfe, MD; Steven Heymsfield, MD; Carrie Earthman, PhD, RD
2013 – Peter F. Nichol, MD, PhD
2014 Symposium: Frontiers in Regenerating Intestine for Short Gut Syndrome. Faculty: Tracey Grikscheit, MD; Paolo DeCoppi, MD, PhD; Peter Nichol, MD, PhD
2012 – Rose Ann DiMaria–Ghalili, PhD, RN, CNSC
2013 Symposium: Revisiting Malnutrition in Older Adults. Faculty: Nadine Sahyoun, PhD, FADA, RD; William Evans, PhD; Rose Ann DiMaria–Ghalili, PhD, RN, CNSC
2011 – Mark Puder, MD, PhD
2012 Symposium: Omega 3 Fatty Acids: History, Metabolism, and Function. Sheila Innis, PhD; Norman Salem, PhD; Aremis Simopoulos, MD; Mark Puder, MD, PhD
2010 – Tom Jaksic, MD, PhD
2011 Symposium: Evidenced‐based Nutritional Therapy for the Critically Ill Child. Faculty: Christina Valentine, MD, RD; Nilesh Mehta, MD; Michael Agus, MD; Tom Jaksic, MD, PhD
2009 –David Driscoll, RPh, PhD
2010 Symposium: Advances in Parenteral Lipid Therapy. Faculty: Stanley J. Dudrick, MD; Bruce R. Bistrian, MD, PhD; David F. Driscoll, PhD; Mark Puder, MD, PhD
2008 – Paul Wischmeyer, MD
*2009 Symposium: Micronutrients: New Information on Depletion and Supplementation in Nutrition Support Therapy. Faculty: Alan Shenkin, BSc, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCP (Glas, Lond), FRCPath; Craig McClain, MD; Thomas Ziegler, MD
*Thomas Ziegler, MD arranged the program.
2007 – Daniel H. Teitelbaum, MD
2008 Symposium: Cholestatic Injury ‐ From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Interventions.Faculty: Thomas Tracy, Jr. MD; Daniel Teitelbaum, MD; Mark Puder, MD, PhD; Arlet Kurkchubasche, MD
2006– William Scott Helton, MD
2007 Symposium: Effects of Parenteral Nutrition on the Gastrointestinal Mucosal Barrier. Faculty: W. Scott Helton, MD; John Alverdy, MD; Kenneth Kudsk, MD
2005 – Kelly Tappenden, PhD, RD
*2006 Symposium: Topic: Stimuli within the intestinal lumen: How these factors synergize to enhance digestive and absorptive capacity. Faculty: Tom Ziegler, MD; Harry Sax, MD; Kelly Tappenden, PhD, RD; Moderator: Dr. Dudrick
*1st Dudrick Symposium
2003 – Bettina Mittendorfer, PhD
2002 – Joseph Espat, MD
1999 – Harry Sax, MD
1998 – John Palombo, MD
1997 – Alan Buchman, MD, CNSP
– Mary (Genie) Moore, PhD, RN
– V. Suzanne Klimberg, MD
– Yuman Fong, MD
– Thomas R. Ziegler, MD, CNSP
– Michael J. Murray, MD, PhD
– Nancy Vinton, MD
– Danny O. Jacobs, MD
– Mark Koruda, MD
– Rolando Rolandelli, MD, CNSP
– Samuel Klein, MD
– Michael Dahn, MD
– John Miles, MD