Congratulations to the Award Winners and Candidates

 Lorenzo Anez-Bustillos
2019 Harry M. Vars Award Candidate
Lorenzo Anez-Bustillos, MD
Project Title: Metabolic and Inflammatory Effects of an Omega-3 Fatty Acid-Based Eucaloric Ketogenic Diet.  
 Christina Belza 2018

2019 Harry M. Vars Award Winner!

Christina Belza, PhD(c), MSN
Project Title: Early Predictors of Enteral Autonomy in Pediatric Intestinal Failure: Development of a Disease Severity Score.   
2019 Harry M. Vars Award Candidate

Oscar R. Herrera, PharmD
Project Title: Plasma Citrulline Concentrations of Neonates/Infants with or without Gastrointestinal Disease During Periods of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
 Logan Olson 2018

2019 Promising Investigator Award Winner!

Logan Olson, PharmD, BCCCP
Project Title: Quantitative Assessment of Trace Element Contamination in Parenteral Nutrition Components 
 Leonardo Pozza 2018
2019 Harry M. Vars Award Candidate

Leonardo Pozza Santos, PhD
Project Title: New predictive equations to estimate Appendicular Skeletal Muscle Mass using calf circumference