Nestlé Health Science Enteral Nutrition Research Grant

Research Funding Announcement:  Nestlé Health Science Enteral Nutrition Research Grant 

Purpose: The ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation (the Foundation) funds exceptional scientific research projects submitted in the areas of clinical nutrition and metabolic support in alignment with the priorities outlined in the ASPEN Research Agenda. The new Nestlé  Health Science Enteral Nutrition Grant is intended to generate broader interest among investigators in doing enteral nutrition research and to provide funding for discovery of primary knowledge that will solve clinical problems in nutrition related diseases.   

Application Deadlines:  

  1. Letter of Intent (LOI): July 13, 2017
  2. Notification of Acceptance of LOI: August 7, 2017
  3. Grant Application: October 2, 2017

Eligibility Requirements: 

  1. Early to mid-career investigators are eligible to apply.
    • NIH defines an early career investigator as someone who has completed his or her terminal research degree or medical residency, whichever date is later, within the past 10 years and has not yet been awarded a substantial, competing NIH research grant.  
    • A mid-career investigator is a health-professional doctorate or equivalent (i.e. clinical doctorate or PhD, etc.) who is typically at the Associate Professor level or the equivalent. 
  2. ASPEN membership is required prior to submission of the grant application.
  3. No consideration will be given to an applicant's or the applicant's institution's relationship with Nestle as a customer or potential customer.

Focus of RFA:   
The scope of the grant will be assessment of the relationship between macronutrient intake and absorption of amino acid and/or essential fatty acids in the critically ill.  Proposals must exhibit a clear translational potential "from the bench to the bedside" so that practical solutions to patient's nutritional challenges can be successfully addressed.  

The grant is for scientific purposes, and not for the purpose of promoting any specific therapeutic or medical products.  

As a condition of accepting the award, recipient of this grant, will agree to:

  1. Attend the ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference to receive recognition at the Foundation reception and the Rhoads Research Lecture and Awards Ceremony.
  2. Submit an abstract for consideration by the ASPEN Abstract Review Committee for potential presentation at the ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference.
  3. Submit a minimum of one manuscript based on the funded work to be considered for publication in JPEN.

Performance Period and Budget: The term of performance is January 1 of the award year through December 31 of the award year.  Research projects must be completed in one year, within a budget of $50,000.

Peer Review Process: Interested candidates will submit a letter of intent (LOI) outlining clinical significance; concept uniqueness, novelty, innovation; specific aims; and budget including confidence level that project can be completed in one year with a maximum of $50,000 in funding. A grant review committee established specifically for this topic and grant will review the LOI and submitted applications. The LOI must be submitted no later than July 13, 2017.  

Funding Mechanism: The ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation through the Nestlé Health Science Enteral Nutrition Research Grant funds this grant.

Grant Application Instructions

Grant Application Form

Additional Questions: For additional questions please contact:

Sara Fleming, MSPH
Research Programs Manager
ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 412
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Email: [email protected]
Phone:  301-920-9152


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