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Malnutrition Awareness Week 2022  

Ask Your Legislator to Support the MNT Act and MNEA Act Today

Download the letter templates below and email your legislators, asking them to support the Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Act and Medical Nutrition Equity Act today. It only takes a few minutes and can make a lifetime of difference.

Priority Issue Communicate to Legislator 
Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Act S.1536/H.R.3108
This companion bill expands Medicare coverage of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) services:
  • Beyond diabetes, kidney disease, and post-kidney transplant, the bill extends coverage to individuals with other diseases and conditions, including malnutrition, prediabetes, obesity, eating disorders, cancer, and HIV/AIDS, hypertension, dyslipidemia, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions causing unintended weight loss.
  • Beyond physician referral, the bill expands who can refer patients for MNT to include nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, and psychologists.

Download MNT Template

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Medical Nutrition Equity Act S.2013/H.R.3783
This bill expands coverage under Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health care programs and private health insurance to include foods, vitamins, and individual amino acids that are medically necessary for the management of certain digestive and metabolic disorders and conditions.

Download MNEA Template

Find Your Legislator


Go to Patients and Providers for Medical Nutrition Equity, which ASPEN is also a proud member of, and use their easy 4-step tool to send a message to your legislator through Twitter or Facebook.

How to Identify Your Federal Representatives and Senators:

Visit to find out who your Senate or House members are.
(Note: Each of the lists provides office addresses, phone numbers, and links to their websites where you can find email addresses or “contact me” pages). 

How to Identify Legislators at the State Level:
Visit your state’s government page: Enter (the “XX” is the abbreviation for your state. For example, is the official state of Colorado website)