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International Clinical Nutrition Section Forum: Strategies for Implementation of Human Rights to Clinical Nutrition in Different Countries

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PT

In Person Session

Annual General Meeting and Presentation of International Awardees
Presided by Eliza Mei Francisco, MD

Video Introduction
Diana Cardenas, MD, PhD

Presentation of Goals for an ICNS Resolution in Line with the 5 Principles of the Vienna Declaration
Prof. Gil Hardy, PhD, FRSC, FASPEN

Panel Discussion
Eliza Francisco, MD
Vanessa Fuchs, MD
Teresa Pounds, PharmD
Stanislaw Klek, MD
Theo Wong, MD

Call to Action
Maria Paula Coelho, MD

Eliza Francisco, MD

There will also be a social event on April 21 from 8-11 pm at a nearby venue.

Sponsored by

Fresenius Kabi