If you are new to research, EBP or QI, start with “The Basics”.  This section will offer several introductory modules and links to further information.  Need help with data management or outlining a statistical analysis plan “Data Management and Analysis” will offer both introductory and advanced information and resources.  Perhaps your research question can be answered with big data, if that’s the case check out “Project-Related Resources”.  Most institutions require IRB review, not only for research, but also to determine if a project meets criteria for EBP or QI.  The section “IRB/Ethics” will help keep you on the right path!  Interested in looking at the “big” picture, the “Quality Assessment” section will aid with a non-bias approach to development of systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and practice guidelines.  If you need help organizing your findings for dissemination, “Scientific Publications and Presentations” will provide templates and resources.  Lacking in financial resources to back your project “Funding Agencies/Grant Development” provides tips, funded grant examples, and links to several funding organizations.  

If your passions include nutrition and research, you may want to consider further education, training or a change in your career track!  Regardless of your profession, “Career Development, Education and Training” will provide information on outside resources, including meetings and trainings, to help you take that next step.  

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to provide additional resources for others, please send the information to: [email protected]