Use of Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition in Critical Care

June 29, 2022,  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM 

Event Type: Webinars

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Please send us any questions or issues you have with the use of Supplemental PN in this population. Send to Peggi Guenter at [email protected].

There is a need for best practice recommendations for the use of supplemental parenteral nutrition (PN). The speakers will share their expertise on use of supplemental PN in critically ill patient populations, including when to initiate it and how best to manage these patients who may receive supplemental PN. A case-based global approach will be employed using an international panel of experts.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define supplemental PN as part of the nutritional regimen in critically ill patients
  2. Review the indications for supplemental PN in critically ill patients
  3. Outline the optimal management of supplemental PN in critically ill patients

Michelle Kozeniecki, RD
Martin Rosenthal, MD
Christian Stoppe, MD
Juliana Tepedino, MD
Moderator: David Evans, MD

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