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Corporate Sponsored Dinner - Hot Topics 2018: Contemporary Nutrition Issues

Jan 24 | 7:00PM - 9:00PM

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Hot Topics 2018: Contemporary Nutrition Issues


Nutrition choices can affect health and wellbeing. This program will identify a variety of contemporary nutrition topics, ranging from nutraceutical use of curcumin to initiation of ketosis for weight management, and explore the health implications associated with manipulation of various nutritional components. Evidence-based practice suggestions for nutritional management of patients will be shared.  

  1. Identify the medical, nutritional and ethical issues associated with PEG placement in patients with dementia and approaching end-of -life care.
  2. Describe the effect of energy drinks on the pediatric population.
  3. Explore the mechanism of ketosis in the treatment of brain cancer.

Robert Martindale, MD, PhD
Stephen McClave, MD

“Curecumin” or a Recipe for Disaster?
Angela Pham, MD
PEG Considerations in Dementia and at End of Life Care 
Apeksha Shaw, MD

The Emergence of Mixed-Oil Lipid Emulsions for Use In Parenteral Nutrition in the United States 
Manpreet Mundi, MD

Effects of Energy Drinks on Children’s Health and Wellbeing 
Senthil Sankararaman, MD

Fasting and Its Therapeutic Action in Brain Cancer 
Carla Venegas-Borsellino, MD

Nutritional Ketosis for Weight Management and Metabolic Therapy
Victoria Gershuni, MD, MSGM

CE CREDIT: 2.0 CPEUs for RDs and RNs (only)

This is a ticketed event. Financial support provided by Nestlé Health Science.

Nestle Nutrition Institute

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