Funding Section Activities

ASPEN provides limited budgets to facilitate Section communication (conference calls, mailings, ASPENConnect, etc.). In addition, ASPEN provides space for the meeting during Clinical Nutrition Week.

There are three additional options for funding activities: 

Guidelines for Requesting Budget Support  

Sections can request funding for proposed projects not already approved as part of the Section’s annual program of work.  The Section must be brought to the attention of the Director of Membership.  The Director of Membership will then, after evaluation and discussion with the Section Affairs Subcommittee Chair, take appropriate steps to either seek Board approval or follow-up with recommendations.

Guidelines for Requesting Sponsorships   

Sections have the opportunity to request ASPEN to solicit outside funding to support activities. Examples of outside funding include industry support and grant monies. External support may be used to support educational activities, publications, research projects, regional seminars, and Section meetings at Clinical Nutrition Week. The number of requests to industry or other sources of financial support/sponsorship for ASPEN activities has proliferated over the last several years related to the growth of programs and activities. In order to coordinate the contributions to our organization, the following steps should be taken. 

Solicitation Process 

  1. A completed application requesting funds needs to be submitted to the Director Membership for approval. 
  2. Companies that agree to sponsor an event must enter into a contractual agreement with ASPEN.
  3. The Section will be notified of approval status. Sections will not take monies directly or open special accounts. ASPEN will determine how monies will be appropriated.
  4. All industry sponsored events may be publicly acknowledged in the following manner:

REMINDER: Section officers or members are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of ASPEN

Clinical Nutrition Week Section Meetings Sponsorship   

About CNW Section Sponsorship  

ASPEN’s Strategic Partnerships Department seeks sponsorship for all Section meetings held at Clinical Nutrition Week (CNW). Specifically, we reach out to companies who have a vested interest in trying to reach a segment of ASPEN’s membership through supporting a particular Section and set the price for corporate support. Our goal is to ensure the highest ethical standards as well as all legal requirements related to the role of sponsors and ASPEN’s Section Meetings; we follow the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Guidelines, in addition to discipline specific accreditation guidelines, when applicable.  All sponsors are held to the same standards presented in the PhRMA Guidelines in an effort to keep the integrity of ASPEN’s programs. Therefore, companies are not involved with designing the program or selecting the speakers.  

Section Sponsorship   

ASPEN Corporate Relations Department solicits support from Industry to support those ASPEN membership Sections which host an educational/networking meeting at CNW to meet new members and network with fellow attendees. 

  • Dietetic Practice Session  
  • Drug Nutrient Interaction Section  
  • Home and Alternate Site Care Section   
  • Ibero-Latin American Section   
  • Medical Practice Section   
  • Nutrition Support Nurses Practice Section   
  • Pediatric Section   
  • Pharmacy Practice Section   
  • Research Section   
  • Veteran and Military Affairs Section   

If a company selects to support a particular Section they will receive the following company recognition: 

  • Company logo to appear on marketing materials, including onsite program book and signage 
  • Company may set-up table if Section meeting is not offering CE credits 

Corporate Funds Received   

ASPEN staff will determine how a company’s funds will be allocated to support the Section meeting. 


Upon request, ASPEN will allocate a portion of the sponsorship funds received to help Sections provide a modest honorarium to Section speakers. A modest honorarium is defined by ASPEN as not exceeding $500 in value.

Note: ASPEN will not pay additional costs for a speakers travel expenses, conference registration, or meals.  

Section Meeting Content and Speakers  

Development of Section meeting content and identifying speakers is the Section’s responsibility. It is prohibited for Industry to be involved in the planning of the meeting, development of content or identifying speakers for the meeting.  It is against ASPEN policies and procedures, accreditation guidelines and violates PhRMA Guidelines.