Medical Practice Section Symposium

The 2019 Medical Practice Section Symposium was held on Sunday March 24, 2019 at the ASPEN 2019 Nutrition Science & Practice Conference

Directors:  Jeff Mechanick, MD; Renee Stapleton, MD; Todd Rice, MD

  1. New ESPEN Guidelines in Critical Care: Areas of Key Differences 
    Moderator: Jay Patel, MD
    ESPEN: Pierre Singer, MD, Arthur Van Zanten, MDASPEN/SCCM: Steve McClave, MD, Bob Martindale, MD
    Canadian: Daren Heyland, MD, John Drover, MD
  2. Nutrition Support Teams: What is Optimal Make-Up in 2019?
    Moderator: Ryan Hurt, MD
    Speakers: Berkeley Limketkai, MD, Lena Palmer, MD
  3. Research Agenda – Identifying Areas of Future Research
    Moderator: Jeff Mechanick, MD
    Critical Care: Daren Heyland, MD
    Non-Critical Care: Ajay Jain, MD
  4. Update on ASPEN Physician Engagement Committee
    Moderator: Steve McClave, MD
    Introduce Website
    Introduce Subcommittee Chairs