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Virtual Conference FAQs

Please see below for answers to questions you may have regarding the new ASPEN20 virtual conference. We will continue to provide necessary updates as they are available.

Updated March 16, 2020 

How do I access the virtual conference sessions?

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT FROM THE MAIN ASPEN WEBSITE! You must log in from the ASPEN eLearning Center using the steps below to join the virtual conference!

Step 1: Log into the ASPEN eLearning Center (Your login for the eLearning Center is the same email and password you use for the main ASPEN website) using the following link:

Step 2: Click on the "My Account" button at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click “Live Events” in the menu box on the left side of screen.

Step 4: Click “Attend Event” under the appropriate event title.

Step 5: Click “Webinars” in the menu box on the left side of screen.

Step 6: Click “Attend Session” under the appropriate session title
*You will not be able to enter session until 15 minutes before start time.

When is the ASPEN20 virtual conference?

The virtual conference will be held online March 28–31, 2020.

Which sessions are being offered for the virtual conference?

Many of the sessions from the in-person ASPEN20 conference will be held during the virtual conference. See the virtual conference schedule at a glance.

How do I register for the virtual conference?

If you did not previously register for any aspect of the in-person conference, you can register for the virtual conference online. You will then receive instructions to access the virtual conference via email. (Please note that site registration is NOT available for the virtual conference.) If you had previously registered for the in-person conference, you will be automatically switched over to the virtual conference. You will receive email with details.

In the virtual conference schedule, I see that some time blocks have more than one session listed. What do I do?

Many of the time blocks for the ASPEN20 online virtual conference have several breakout sessions. Similar to when you are at an in-person conference, you select the session in which you would like to participate. You will receive the recordings of the other sessions after the conference to continue learning. CE credit is available for participation in the live session/event only.

In the virtual conference schedule, there are many different types of sessions/events, what are the differences?

The virtual conference is robust and includes many offerings that one might find at an in-person conference.

ASPEN Sessions/Events

  • Pre-conference courses are available for a separate registration
  • General sessions (i.e. president’s address, keynote address, etc.)
  • Breakout sessions are the other sessions offered at the conference
  • Section forums are open to all participants
  • CE credit for participation in any of the above sessions/events is through ASPEN. CE credit is available for participation in the live session/event only.  

Corporate Sponsored Programs

  • Corporate sponsored programs are the programs offered to participants through corporate entities.
  • Please note that any CE credit for the corporate sponsored programs are through the corporate entity and not ASPEN.

How many continuing education credits can I receive from the virtual conference?

We are finalizing the details of the virtual conference, including the number of available continuing education credits. We will post that information as soon as the details are finalized. Please note the following important information regarding CE credit:

  • Instructions for claiming CE credit will be listed in the ASPEN eLearning Center.
  • CE credit will be granted for each virtual session attended live. Only the live virtual event is accredited.
  • CE credit cannot be claimed for missed sessions. You must attend the live session broadcast at the scheduled time to claim CE credit for that session.
  • CE Credit is calculated on a per session attended basis. If you miss a session, you can still receive CE credit for other sessions attended.
  • You must complete the evaluation after each session to receive CE credit for that session.
  • You must complete the Overall Virtual Conference Evaluation to receive a CE transcript listing all sessions that you attended.
  • You will not be able to complete this form until after the end of the conference.

Download a PDF of instructions for claiming CE credit.

Will registration include session recordings?

Yes, session recordings will be available in your account in the ASPEN eLearning Center several weeks after the conference. Instructions for accessing the recordings will be listed in the session handouts. The eLearning Center can be accessed at

Please note: Recordings will be provided assuming ASPEN receives permission from the speakers. If a speaker does not grant ASPEN permission to post the recording of their presentation, then the recording of that presentation will not be accessible after the conference ends. 

How do I access the session handouts?

After completing steps 1-4 above, the menu box on the left side of the screen will show an option that says “Handouts.”

  • Click “Handouts"
  • Click “Download Handout” under the session title
    *Any available handouts will be available approximately 24 hours prior to the session.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

If you have any problems accessing the conference sessions or your eLearning account, please contact:
Digitell Inc.
[email protected]
Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time

What system requirements are needed to access the sessions broadcasts?

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Windows or Mac OS- Supported Browsers: Firefox 52+, Chrome 58+, Safari 10+, Microsoft Edge 14+, Internet Explorer 11+
  • Internet Explorer 11+ requires the most recent version of the Adobe Flash plugin
  • Javascript & Cookies enabled
  • Recommended RAM: 512MB+

Can I access the session broadcasts with my mobile phone?

You can watch the session broadcasts on your mobile phone or table with the following operating systems:

  • iPhone 5s+ - Safari Browser - IOS 9+
  • iPad 2+ - Safari Browser - IOS 9+
  • Android Running 4.0+ - Chrome Browser

I have more questions, who can I contact?

You can send your questions to [email protected] or call 301-587-6315.