ASPEN is partnering with Baxter International Inc. on “SmartPN” a comprehensive collaboration providing healthcare professionals with educational tools on the appropriate use of parenteral nutrition (PN) therapy. 

PN plays a critical role in reducing malnutrition and achieving the best possible health outcomes. However, recent data highlights an unmet need for this therapy—particularly in certain acute and critical care settings. SmartPN is intended to increase awareness about the crucial importance of nutrition care and to help clinicians most effectively administer this life-saving and life-sustaining therapy to patients. 

The audience for this information is any and all members of the team influencing patient nutritional care - physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, nurses and other clinicians. All of the resources, which will be shared here on an ongoing basis, will include webinars, data visualizations, interactive tools, videos and more. Please check back often for the most recent updates. 

PN Pathway

ASPEN has developed a PN Pathway that outlines each step - from initial assessment of need to transition home - for patients who may require parenteral nutrition. This interactive dashboard provides everyone on the nutrition support team with online resources such as guidance documents, checklists, and useful websites. View the PN Pathway

Parenteral Nutrition 101: A Life-Sustaining Treatment

What, exactly is Parenteral Nutrition? This animation provides an overview of this critical clinical nutrition therapy as well as the settings in which is is used, the populations who benefit from it most and its role in reducing malnutrition. Learn more here.