Parenteral Nutrition Component Shortage Update - February 15, 2018

ASHP, Utah Offer Suggestions for Managing Shortage of SW for Injection

A new fact sheet by ASHP and the University of Utah Drug Information Service summarizes the status of the current acute shortage of sterile water for injection and provides an outline of potential actions for organizations to consider in managing the shortage. 


FDA Provides Update on Supplies of Empty IV Containers 

Several device manufacturers have told the FDA of their "potential to initiate or ramp up production of empty IV containers," according to a February 1 statement by Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. He named three of these manufacturers but did not estimate when the additional containers may become available. 


Information Available on Shelf Life of Certain Baxter IV Solutions 

FDA has posted instructions on applying an "extended shelf life" to several IV solution products from Baxter Healthcare Corporation.  The agency said it does not require or recommend relabeling those products with their new use dates. 


Report from November 2017 Drug Shortages Roundtable Now Available 

ASHP hosted a roundtable discussion of drug shortages in November 2017 to examine the current state of drug shortages, what has improved since enactment of the Food and Drug Safety and Innovation Act in 2012, and what more could be done. The day's discussion featured presentations by Captain Valerie Jensen of the FDA Drug Shortage program and Erin Fox of the University of Utah Drug Information Service. 


Join ASHP's Push for Congressional Action on Drug Shortages 

On December 13, ASHP led a meeting of healthcare organizations to plan a coordinated push for congressional action to address drug shortages in 2018. The groups will share recommendations developed during a roundtable discussion last month and urge lawmakers to develop a comprehensive strategy to manage shortages. Support the groups' efforts by sending an email to your congressional representatives that describes the patient-care challenges associated with drug product shortages.