Nutrition Product Shortage Update – July 18, 2018

Baxter Provides ASPEN with Update on Product Supply

Baxter announced effective Tuesday, July 17, 2018, the following products will no longer be subject to allocation: 

  • CLINIMIX – All codes. 
  • Amino Acids – PROSOL (2B6186); CLINISOL (2B6187, 2B6189); PREMASOL (2B0009, 2B0010, 2B0011, 2B0012); TRAVASOL (1B6623, 1B6624, 1B6626P)
  • LVP Solutions – 0.9% Saline (2B1322Q, 2B1323Q, 2B1324X); 5% Dextrose (2B0062Q, 2B0063Q, 2B0064X);  Lactated Ringers (2B2322Q, 2B2323Q, 2B2324X); PlasmaLyte (2B2544X).
  • 70% Dextrose – 2B0296H
  • Sterile Water for Injection:  2B0304X, 2B0306, 2B0307 and 2B0309
  • Sterile Water for Irrigation:  2B7114X, 2B7116, 2B7117
  • 0.9% Saline for Irrigation: 2B7124X, 2B7126, 2B7127, 2B7477, 2B7479
  • Lactated Ringers for Irrigation: 2B7487, 2B7489


FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Announces Task Force to Address Drug Shortages

FDA Commissioner Gottlieb has announced the formation of a new Drug Shortages Task Force. The charge to this new task force is to look for holistic solutions to addressing the underlying causes for these shortages.  The task force will be led by Keagan Lenihan, the FDA’s associate commissioner for strategic initiatives and will include not only senior leaders from the FDA, but also leaders from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read the FDA’s Statement for more information on this task force the FDA’s efforts to prevent drug shortages.